Who says it takes money to live your dreams?


Unexpected expenses – at home and for our MA subject project – cut off (more like gobbled up) a significant chunk of my limited budget. There were several things I was grateful for, though.

  • That I had kept an emergency fund. It was not enough to cover the expenses, but it was a BIG help. Since I already had some funds tucked in somewhere, I only had to add several hundred bucks to be able to pay the actual expense.
  • That I now believe you can be happy without spending a lot.

Your financial goals may be clear to you, but that doesn’t mean that habits that make you lose money will not creep in anymore. On those days when you just feel frustrated, you just want to spend for this and that, because it will make you feel better. On such days, when you keep yourself from buying something, you start pitying yourself, and you begin to tell yourself: What financial freedom? I want to be happy now!! Etc. You get the picture.

So lately, I’ve been telling myself: I will be happy without ruining my budget. I think when you just ask the Universe for what you really want, and take steps in that direction, it will really be given to you.

A week ago, a friend called to ask if I wanted extra tickets to Ateneo Blue Symphony’s concert, Lean on Me. It was a benefit concert for the Philippine Red Cross’ relief efforts. The concert also featured the Ateneo College Glee Club and the Ateneo Grade School Choir. So I went and I REALLY enjoyed the show.

Then, that same day, my friend told me she has a ticket to Untold, the anniversary concert of CADs (Company of Ateneo Dancers). Of course, I asked if there was still an extra ticket. And on the day of the concert, she told me she wasn’t sure she could get one for me. So I just said, “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” I was already telling myself I’d jog if I don’t get a ticket. One way or another, I’ll have a fun and relaxing Friday night. In the afternoon, she called up and said she was able to get one for me. πŸ˜€ And I just loved the concert. They were not merely dancing. Each performance was telling a story. Most make you laugh, some make you teary eyed. I just really, really loved it.

So two other things I am grateful for are these:

  • Having friends who share their blessings with you. I hope I can do the same for them. πŸ™‚
  • Both concerts reminded me of my dream to play music and learn how to dance. If these college students can find the time to pursue their passion, I can, too. So I asked myself, “What’s my excuse? What’s holding me back?” I guess it’s time to pick up that guitar, take that violin lesson. And maybe, it’s time to simply dance.



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