“The Obstacle is the Path” – Zen Proverb


One day, my friend lent me a book about managing finances and growing your wealth. Instead of feeling inspired, I felt discouraged. Because I felt like I could not relate to the stories of people who come from well-to-do families, pursued their love for social development, and became successful entrepreneurs too.

Thoughts, mostly negative, kept running through my head. These are wealthy people becoming wealthier. But what about those who come from humble beginnings? Those who have to help their family pay the bills? Those who once found themselves in the same financial hole I’m in? Those torn between having to make a living and pursuing their passion? Those who could barely save enough?

So I texted my friend that in order to feel inspired, I need stories of people who’s backgrounds were closer to mine.

This happened several months ago. Up until now, I am still coming across stories of successful people I could relate with. People who had very little money, but had big dreams and brave and resilient spirits.

Here are some of them:

I have two favorite lines from the articles/videos above:

“And at the end of my day with Mr. Earl he told me that his success happened not in spite of, but because of, his disability.” – The Story of Earl Crawley

“.. and you know what I found? The only difference between the superstars making millions a year and the persons merely getting by, only difference …. It’s how long they feel sorry about themselves once they get hit.” – Barbara Corcoran on the Secret to Handling Rejection


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